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The Colins Family

**Chloe's POV**My name is Chloe Colins. Yes, you heard that right, Colins, one of the oldest, wealthiest, and most powerful families in the werewolf world. And I am the second daughter of this family, Chloe.Thirteen years ago, I was adopted by the Colins family as an orphan. Since then, almost every day of my life, I hear people marvel at how lucky I must be. But no one knows that, to me, the Colins Family is like a luxurious yet cold cage. I dream of escaping from here as soon as possible."Damn it, Chloe! You burnt my pancakes!" Hearing Maggie's scream from the dining room, I quickly wiped my greasy hands on my apron and rushed out of the kitchen."I'm sorry, Miss Maggie, I... Ah!"A sharp slap interrupted my apology."Are you so stupid that you can't even make a pancake, Chloe?!" Maggie stared at me with her usual arrogance, and her voice as harsh as always.This is Maggie Colins, the youngest daughter of the Colins family. Technically, Maggie is my stepsister, but in reality, she acts more like my master. With her bad temper, Maggie often makes unreasonable demands, and whenever I displease her, she insults and beats me mercilessly. Whenever this happens, Maggie's parents, my foster parents, James and Victoria Colins, never stop her rude behavior. In their eyes, adopting me was just to showcase their "kindness" and "generosity" to the outside world. Perhaps to them, being Maggie's servant is better than remaining as an orphan.Today is no exception. James continues reading his newspaper without moving a muscle, while Victoria gives me a disdainful look, her expression showing disapproval as if blaming me for daring to appear before them in a dirty apron."I'll make you another breakfast right away, Miss Maggie," I say with my head down, not wanting anyone to see my tears."It's not just about the breakfast, you i***t! You've ruined my whole day with this terrible rubbish! There's nothing you can do to make up for it, do you understand?!"Even though I keep my head down and stay silent, I know very well that Maggie's bad mood isn't just because of a bad pancake. The servants have been gossiping for days, saying that Maggie's parents plan to marry her off to Alexandra, the Alpha of the Obsidian Pack, a new force in the werewolf world. Compared to the long history and wealth of the Colins Family, the new money Obsidian Pack seems insignificant.But worse than the Obsidian Pack are the terrible rumors about Alpha Alexandra—"Mom, I don't want to marry that savage Alexandra! I heard from my friends that not only is that man extremely cruel, but he's also hideously ugly! Some even say he tortures women for fun because he can't match a mate! If you marry me off to someone like that, I'll die, Mom!"Maggie cries as she throws herself into Victoria's arms. From her trembling voice, it’s clear that this time, she’s genuinely scared."Oh, Maggie, my babe..." Victoria seems moved by Maggie's words. She strokes her daughter's hair and looks to her husband for help, "James, is there any way...?""Whatever you’re about to say, my answer is NO." James's cold response shatters Victoria and Maggie's last hope, "The Obsidian Pack is the strongest and youngest pack in the werewolf world today. With the Lycans constantly suppressing old families like ours, only by marrying into a new force can we maintain the Colins Family's status and power.""Since it's for the Colins family, why don't you have Chloe marry that ugly brute?!" Maggie screams at her father, James, her hand pointing at me standing silently on the side. "She has the Colins name, doesn't she?"In an instant, three pairs of cold eyes turn towards me. I freeze, feeling like I’m being stared down by predators."Maggie's right. We've raised Chloe for so many years and generously given her the Colins name. It's time for her to make a sacrifice for this family, isn't it?" Victoria, sensing her husband's hesitation, continues to persuade, "Besides, Maggie is still over two years away from coming of age and getting her wolf. Technically, a marriage contract with a wolf-less werewolf is invalid. And Chloe... if I’m not mistaken, she’s about to come of age soon. Isn't that right, Chloe? When is your birthday?"Under Victoria's gaze, I tremble and stammer out the answer, "T-tomorrow, ma'am."Maggie laughs, "See, this is perfect. Dad, how about we have Chloe attend—""This matter is not up for discussion!" Surprisingly, James interrupts Maggie sharply, showing no room for negotiation. "You must meet Alpha Alexandra tonight! The engagement will be set as planned! That's all!"With that, James Colins leaves the dining room in a rage, and Victoria quickly follows. Only Maggie remains, still crying.Fearing she might target me again, I look for a way to retreat. "I-I'll prepare another breakfast for you, Miss Maggie.""You!" Maggie stops crying immediately and throws a vicious look at me, "You will take my place tonight and meet Alexandra!""But Mr. Colins said—""I don't care what he said. Since you have the Colins name, you must pay the price! Guards, tie Chloe up!"Seeing the guards approaching me, I panic, "You can't do this! It violates the Alpha's orders!""I can do whatever I want, Chloe." Maggie sneers, walking up to me with a wicked smile, "My father only said I have to meet Alexandra tonight, but he didn't say I have to meet him under my own name, did he?""What?!" Realizing Maggie's scheme, I widen my eyes in shock, "Are you crazy, Maggie?!""No, Chloe." Maggie sneered at me with a crazy glow in her eyes, "From now on, you are the Margaret Colins and you are the one who's gonna marry to that horrible man, Alexandra!"

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