Chapter 71 - Owned By Her Triplet Bullies | Novel Square (2024)

Emma's POV

I sat on the floor, crying my eyes out. I had been kidnapped and almost raped, yet the boys stared at me coldly as if I meant nothing to them, despite everything we had shared. There was no empathy or compassion in their eyes. On second thought, why was I crying as if I were guilty of their accusations? I was the victim here, and I had done absolutely nothing wrong.

I wiped my tears with my hands, determined not to let Hailey see me crying or broken. I stood up from the floor and brushed myself off.

"Didn't you hear what they said? Get the hell out!" Hailey ordered through gritted teeth. I glared at her.

"Do you have a conscience?" I asked her.

She frowned. "What are you going on about? You were asked to leave, not blabber nonsense," she said angrily.

"I don't think you do. If you did, you would never be able to do the things you do. How do you live with yourself? How do you wake up every morning, knowing all that you've done?" I inquired.

"Listen, don't…" Philip started, but I stopped him with a raise of my hand.

"I was speaking to Hailey, not you. She can speak for herself. You are not her spokesperson," I interrupted him rudely without averting my gaze from Hailey.

"How dare you speak to your future Alphas like that, you lowly omega," she sneered.

"You are pure evil. Your heart is as dark as coal, and I'm sure your deeds can put the devil to shame," I spat at her, not allowing her to change the subject as she has always done.

She scoffed. "You can say whatever you want, but it still does not change the fact that you are a cheater and a bloody whor*. You sleep around just like your mother did to have you. I'm sure your father must have been ashamed of you, which is why they abandoned you, you good-for-nothing cheap…"


The sound of my palm colliding heavily with Hailey's cheek reverberated across the room. Before she could recover from her shock, I reached out and slapped Hailey fiercely again. The force from my palm made her head fling to the other side. The room fell into absolute silence as they all stared at me. Only the sound of my harsh and angry breathing could be heard.

She froze on the spot, her hands clutching her red cheeks. She stared at me in disbelief. "Y…you dared to hit me?" she muttered in shock.

I glared at her coldly. I had had enough of her insults. She made a big mistake by bringing my parents into this. She had crossed a line she should not have. I had never been so furious before. She was the cause of all this, even though I could not prove it yet. Still, she had the nerve to question my character and values.

I knew she had never been hit by anyone before, which was why she turned out like this. She was a spoiled brat who had never been reprimanded. But now she has. By me.

"So what if I did?" I answered coldly. I expected her to lunge toward me and attack me with the way she was glaring viciously, but her expression suddenly changed, and her eyes gradually watered as she burst into a fit of uncontrollable tears. I scoffed. Why was I not surprised? She was the queen of drama. She was just doing this to get the attention of the boys and make them hate me even more. I should have just scratched her face; that would have been more worthwhile.

Julian forcefully yanked me towards him, gripping my arms so tightly that it felt as though he intended to break them. I defiantly met his menacing gaze, determined not to reveal the discomfort and pain I felt. With anger in his voice, he demanded, "Why did you slap her? She was only speaking the truth. Were you embarrassed by your own actions?"

"I slapped her because she was speaking rudely. She lacks manners and needs to learn respect. Everything she said was a lie, and she knows it," I replied.

"Only a liar can recognize another liar. Hailey never asked you to sleep with anyone, so don't blame your infidelity on her!" Philip snapped. I forcefully freed myself from Julian's grip.

"You know what? I don't care anymore. I couldn't care less about your opinions. It's crystal clear that you never loved or trusted me. It was my mistake to believe you had changed. You are all still the same," I said, glancing emotionlessly at each of them, including the whimpering Hailey.

"You have no right to be angry. We are the ones betrayed by someone we genuinely cared for. We should be furious, not the other way around. Watch your tone, or..." Alexander warned.

"Or what? What will you do if I don't? Beat me up? Crack my skull open? Go ahead, that's all you know how to do – bully those weaker than you. And you can never change," I uttered, pointing toward Hailey.

"I'm sure you all know exactly who she is, yet you take her side. You know her better than anyone, and you know what she's capable of. She despises me; she has always wanted to get rid of me. But you all are too blind to see it," I said, seething with anger. I was seeing red at that moment. They claimed to be done with Hailey and her schemes, yet they fell for her tricks every time like puppets.

"I told you this girl was cunning. She loathed me, which is why she has been trying to tear us apart. She doesn't want us to be together. Why can't you leave us alone, as we were before you brought your bad luck and caused havoc?" Hailey snarled.

I was no longer afraid of any of them. They could do whatever they wanted. I had lost all respect, trust, and attention for them. All that remained was anger and bitterness. What kind of future could I have with people who clearly didn't love or trust me? Why did they pretend to win my trust if they knew it would come to this?

"I believe we should reject her, so she can take her repulsive self and leave our house," Philip said, glaring viciously at me. Julian and Alexander stared at me without saying a word. I knew that look in their eyes all too well—the look they had when they were about to bully me.

"You don't have to do that. I had already intended to leave before you boys stopped me the other day. I never should have listened to you. Besides, I don't want to live with men like you—men who can't think for themselves and only follow someone else's words like puppets. You're constantly praised for your intelligence, but it's quite the opposite. You're all foolish, cruel bullies and cowards. I wonder how this pack will survive with all of you as Alphas," I said, coldly.

I wouldn't sit back and endure their insults any longer. I was going to fight and defend myself. The worst they could do was beat me up and throw me out. I had nothing to lose. I would speak my mind before leaving.

How dare you!" growled Alexander, his words laced with anger. I remained unfazed, staring back at him.

"We are finished. Clearly, all of this has been a complete waste of time. I have rejected you in the past, and I will be the one to do it again," I paused, gathering my thoughts.

"I, Emma Garcia, vehemently reject Alexander Martinez, Philip Martinez, and Julian Martinez as my mates. I detest them, and I will never accept them!" I swore angrily. As soon as the words left my mouth, it felt as if something within me shattered. I experienced a temporary emptiness, but then a sudden lightness and freedom washed over me.

"It's fortunate that you beat us to it this time. We won't deny it. We would rather remain mateless than have a lowlife whor* like you as our Luna forever," Julian retorted. We all exchanged angry and emotionless glances.

The faces that once gazed at me with love now glared at me with hatred. The lips that once spoke to me tenderly and affectionately now spewed cold and bitter words. Nevertheless, I remained undeterred. I refused to settle for less when I knew I deserved more. Happiness was my right, and if all I would continue to receive from them was pain and sadness, then I would willingly leave this pack and never return. They can stay with Hailey for all I care. They deserved each other. They are all bullies, privileged and rude. They are a perfect match and we will never work.

This time, rejection came from both sides, and there was certainly no turning back.

Chapter 71 - Owned By Her Triplet Bullies | Novel Square (2024)
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