Experience the Spiritual Bliss of Church of the Big Mommy Milkers (2024)

The Church of the Big Mommy Milkers is a tongue-in-cheek name for a group of breastfeeding mothers.

Chruch Of The Big Mommy Milkers

The Church of the Big Mommy Milkers is a spiritual movement that encourages people to find joy and security in breastmilk. We believe that mothers milk is full of nurturing and healing properties, both physically and spiritually. Our members gather regularly to share stories and experiences, understanding there is power in community.

We commit to a scientific exploration of mothers milk to advance our understanding of its potential benefits. We also strive to educate women on breastfeeding and the importance it has for their growth, both emotionally and spiritually. Through our mission we seek to help women realize their worth as mothers and mothers-to-beas well as the essential value of their own nourishment.

What We Believe

At Church of the Big Mommy Milkers, we believe in the power of prayer, faith, and love. We strive to live out our faith and serve others with compassion and grace. We believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God, and that through Him we can experience life-changing transformation. Our core values include: being rooted in scripture, living out our faith in service to others, fostering a culture of hospitality and kindness, and embracing a diverse community of believers.

We also recognize that every individual is on their own unique journey with God; we strive to create a safe and open environment where all are welcome regardless of background or beliefs. We believe that God’s love is expansive and all-encompassing; it is for everyone who believes in Him.


Church of the Big Mommy Milkers has been serving the community since its founding in 1995. It was established as a small family church by two local families with a passion for sharing their faith with others. The church has grown over the years, but still holds true to its mission: to bring people closer to God through worship, fellowship, education, service, and outreach.

The church holds weekly services on Sunday mornings as well as special events throughout the year such as retreats, Bible studies, youth events, mission trips and more. The church also runs an active children’s ministry providing weekly Bible studies as well as Sunday school classes for children ages 4-12.

Our Services

Church of the Big Mommy Milkers offers several services every week including Sunday worship services at 10am each week featuring contemporary music from our praise band followed by inspiring sermons from our ministers which focus on living out your faith while engaging with modern culture. Special events such as retreats or mission trips are held periodically throughout the year allowing members to deepen their spiritual connection within the supportive community at Church of the Big Mommy Milkers.

Our Leadership

The leadership team at Church of the Big Mommy Milkers consists primarily of two ministers who lead weekly services and provide spiritual guidance for members throughout their journey with God. Both ministers have extensive theological backgrounds which inform their preaching style; they strive to make scripture relevant to modern life while encouraging individuals to live out their faith in service to others. Additionally there are two associate ministers who provide additional pastoral care when necessary throughout the year.

Volunteers & Community Support

Church of the Big Mommy Milkers relies heavily on volunteers for special events such as retreats or mission trips as well as ongoing programs such as Sunday school or youth groups. Additionally there are many opportunities for individuals who would like to get involved in our mission but do not have much time available; these volunteers can help out with administrative tasks such as data entry or bookkeeping which are essential for keeping our church running smoothly day-to-day! Community support comes in many forms from donations both financial and material goods which help us keep our doors open so that we can continue serving our members faithfully each week!

Children’s Activities

Church of the Big Mommy Milkers offers several activities specifically geared towards children including Bible studies which focus on developing spiritual literacy among younger generations while teaching them about Christian values such as love your neighbor and showing kindness towards strangers. We also offer Sunday school classes which focus on exploring scripture through creative storytelling techniques like skits or puppet shows making it easier for children to connect with biblical principles on a more personal level! Additionally there is an active youth group which provides mentorship opportunities for teens allowing them to develop leadership skills while learning how they can make a difference in their community!

Adults Programs

The Church of the Big Mommy Milkers offers a variety of programs designed for adults seeking spiritual growth. Bible studies and seminars are available to those looking to deepen their understanding of scripture, while meetups provide a forum where attendees can come together to discuss topics such as faith and how it relates to their lives. These offerings are intended to provide an opportunity for individuals to connect with one another and draw closer to God.

Outreach Ministry

The Church of the Big Mommy Milkers is committed to making a positive impact in the local community. Through its outreach ministry, members of the church are encouraged to participate in local projects that benefit others. This could include anything from organizing fundraisers for those in need, volunteering at homeless shelters, or leading discipleship groups and mission trips for those wanting to learn more about Christianity. By providing these opportunities, members can come together and make a difference in the lives of their neighbors.

Music Ministry

Music is an integral part of worship services at the Church of the Big Mommy Milkers and so they offer choirs ensembles and weekday rehearsals for those interested in learning more about singing or playing musical instruments. This is an excellent way for members to share their talents with one another while also praising God through song.

Charitable Outreach Programmes

The Church also provides charitable outreach programmes that aim to support those in need within its local community. Food banks and pantries are available for families struggling financially as well as community clean-up days that help keep public areas tidy and safe. By offering these types of services, the church hopes to build relationships with its neighbors while providing tangible assistance when necessary.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What do we believe in at the Church of the Big Mommy Milkers?
A: We believe in loving God and loving our neighbor as ourselves. We strive to live out our faith by following the teachings of Jesus Christ and embracing His example of love, mercy, justice, and compassion.

Q: What services are offered at the church?
A: We offer Sunday worship services as well as special events and programs throughout the year. Our church also has a music ministry with choir ensembles that rehearse on weekdays.

Q: Who is part of the church leadership?
A: The Church of the Big Mommy Milkers is led by ministers who uphold guiding religious principles based on Biblical teachings.

Q: How can I get involved with the church?
A: We welcome volunteers to help support our mission and invite everyone to participate in our outreach programmes such as food banks, pantries, and community clean-up days. There are also opportunities for spiritual growth through Bible studies, seminars, meetups, and other activities for adults.

Q: What kinds of activities are available for children?
A: Children are encouraged to participate in Bible studies and faith formation classes as well as Sunday school and youth groups. These activities provide children with an opportunity to learn about their faith while growing spiritually.

The Church of the Big Mommy Milkers is a unique religious organization that seeks to celebrate motherhood and promote the importance of breastfeeding. Through its various initiatives and activities, the Church works to empower mothers, educate their children, and strengthen breastfeeding relationships between mothers and babies. The Church is open to all and provides a safe space for mothers to come together in support of each other. By embracing motherhood in all its forms, the Church of the Big Mommy Milkers is helping to create a healthier future for our children and families.

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