Rejecting Her Triplet Alpha Bullies Mates (2024)

Chapter 1

Anna's POV"Fat pig," the taunt sliced through the air, halting me in my tracks. A shiver of cold dread ran down my spine, an unspoken signal of who was behind me. I was torn, debating whether to confront them or just walk away, hoping to escape their venom."We're talking to you, pig." Derek's voice, unmistakable and dripping with malice, forced me to turn around. There they stood – the triplets and Fiona – their faces twisted into snarls of contempt as they looked upon me.Their disdain for me was palpable, a tangible force that seemed to grow stronger with every passing moment. They loathed me with every fiber of their being, a fact they never let me forget. Each day was a reminder of my status in their eyes – the shrewd, unpopular girl clad in worn clothes, the Omega at the bottom of the school's social hierarchy. This perceived inferiority empowered them, and they reveled in showing me just how insignificant I felt."What the hell were you saying about us?" Duane demanded, his words sharp like daggers. Confusion furrowed my brow as I stepped back, my heart pounding against my ribcage."I... I don't know what you're talking about," I managed to stutter, my eyes flicking towards Fiona. She stood there, arms crossed, her gaze filled with the usual disgust. The accusation hung in the air, a cloud of uncertainty and fear enveloping me.As I stood there, a whirlwind of questions battered my mind. What new fiction had Fiona concocted about me this time? Her talent for weaving lies seemed as boundless as her cruelty.Fiona reveled in tormenting me, flourishing in the misery she inflicted. She paraded her superiority like a queen, flaunting her beauty, her privileged status as the Beta's daughter. Her world was one where she reigned supreme, and I was nothing but a pawn in her twisted game. The triplets, her ever-present entourage, seemed destined to be entangled with her, their futures intertwined in a dance of power and domination. Fiona's delight in reminding me of this cruel fate was her daily ritual, a bitter pill she forced down my throat with a smirk.Derek's voice snapped me back to the harsh reality. "We asked you a simple question, b***h. What were you saying about us?" His tone was sharp, cutting through the air like a knife. Of the three, he was the most fearsome, a storm of anger and brutality I dared not provoke."I said nothing," I insisted, my voice trembling like a leaf in the wind. "I really didn’t say anything. I don’t even understand what’s going on here." My defense was as frail as I felt inside.Their faces were like masks of hatred, each expression a different shade of loathing. Derek and Duane looked ready to unleash their fury at any moment, while Raymond, ever the silent storm, watched with eyes that pierced through my very soul."I think we need to teach you a lesson first. Maybe that would open your mouth," Derek threatened, his presence looming like a dark cloud. Panic surged through me as I attempted to flee, but it was futile. He grabbed my bag, pulling me to the ground with a force that sent waves of pain through me. My hair became his instrument of torture, each tug a searing reminder of my helplessness."Please, let me go," I whispered, my voice a mere shadow, crushed under the weight of his brutality.Duane towered over me, his voice dripping with contempt. "You had the guts to say filthy things about us.""Filthy things? No, I’d never," I protested, my words a desperate plea for understanding. Why would I dare provoke the demons that haunted me?"Shut up! Fiona told us all the bad things you said about us, and Fiona doesn’t lie," Duane declared, his words final and unforgiving.In that moment, I knew Fiona was the puppeteer, and I, her unwilling marionette. I tried to plead with my eyes, to appeal to any shred of decency she might possess, but Derek's cruel grip yanked me back into a world of pain. My scream was a testament to my agony, a cry that echoed the despair in my heart.Derek's threat hung in the air like a dark cloud, "You better admit what you did before I show you what I’m really made of." I gasped, my heart pounding in my chest."I didn’t say anything. I swear—" My plea was cut short as Duane's hand struck my face. The world blurred, and a sharp sting radiated across my cheek. Tears streamed down my face, blurring my vision further, a testament to my helplessness and despair.Derek's voice, dripping with scorn, boomed again. "You filthy rag! We've been too soft on you, and now you think you can slander us? You're in for it today, pig." He yanked me to my feet with a cruel grip.My eyes met Raymond's, but his gaze was detached, uncaring as he watched his brothers torment me. Derek’s foot connected with my body, sending me sprawling face-first onto the ground. The taste of blood filled my mouth, a bitter reminder of my reality.Fiona's mocking tone reached my ears, "She's so pathetic," and I looked up to see her sneering down at me. Her hatred was a mystery, her cruelty unfathomable.The ordeal wasn't over yet. Derek dragged me into the kitchen, barking orders. "Wash these dishes again.""But, they aren’t dirty," I managed to say, my voice weak with pain.Raymond's response was swift and heartless. He casually emptied a pot of soup into the dishes, splattering the remnants around the kitchen. His calm demeanor only amplified the cruelty of his actions. "There, it’s dirty," he said coldly, and then left with an order to follow him.Derek released my hair with a sneer, followed by Duane, who poked my forehead, snickering at my misery.Fiona's laughter echoed in the room. "Looks like you'll miss your classes today. Better watch your tongue next time," she taunted, her voice dripping with malice.I thought she was leaving, but then water splashed onto the floor. "Oops, my hands must have slipped," she said, her voice laced with feigned innocence as she sauntered out, her hips swaying with each step.Pain wracked my body as I pushed myself up. The pain relief I had taken the night before was a distant, ineffective memory. I dropped my bag on the counter, letting out a pained sigh.Tears mingled with determination as I started cleaning the chaos around me. If only I wasn't an Omega, if only someone would stand up for me. But in this world, I was alone, unnoticed and uncared for.In an hour, I had cleaned everything, a small victory in my daily battle. Grabbing my bag, I hurried to school, late and troubled. The school was a sanctuary, yet also a battlefield. Before entering, I composed myself, wiping away the evidence of my ordeal, and took a deep breath, ready to face another day.Exhausted and disheartened, I entered the school hall, only to realize the weight of the time I'd lost - three whole periods had slipped by, and with them, the physics test I'd missed. My heart sank. I knew my teacher all too well; she was the type who'd never offer a second chance with a makeup test."Anna!" The sound of my name pulled me from my thoughts, and I turned to see Jason hurrying towards me, concern etched on his face."I’ve been looking everywhere for you. You weren’t in class for three periods. What happened?" His voice was tinged with worry, and I could barely muster the energy to respond."You can guess," I replied, my voice barely above a whisper as I fought to hold back tears."They bullied you again, right?" Jason's frustration was evident as he covered his face with his hand. I nodded silently. His next words were a balm to my wounded spirit, "Don’t worry, everything will be fine. This won’t last for long."A small, hopeful smile crept onto my face. He was right. In a few months, I'd turn 18 and leave this place behind, along with all its nightmares."It’s lunch break. Let’s head to the cafeteria," Jason suggested. I hesitated, knowing my student account was as empty as my stomach. But Jason, understanding my predicament, reassured me, "I know what you’re thinking, Anna. Don’t worry, bills on me."I muttered a grateful "Thanks," as we made our way to the cafeteria. Jason was my sole ally in this place, a kindred spirit who, like me, preferred the quiet and the shadows.As we entered the cafeteria, it felt as though every eye turned to scrutinize me, their looks sharp as knives. But I kept my focus on Jason, trying to ignore the piercing stares.Suddenly, a foot jutted out in my path. I stumbled, but strong hands caught me, steadying me for a moment. Surprised, I looked up into Raymond's eyes. For a brief second, I thought maybe, just maybe, he wasn't like the others. But then, as quickly as he had caught me, he let go, and I fell, crashing to the ground. The brief glimmer of hope faded as fast as it had appeared, leaving me once again in the cold reality of my world.

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Chapter 2

Crashing to the ground, I felt the sharp sting of the hard floor against my skin. The hall erupted in a cacophony of laughter, with students whipping out their phones to capture my humiliation, their fingers pointing and jeers echoing off the walls.Lifting my gaze, I met Raymond's cold glare before he turned and walked away, leaving me in my misery.The chatter around me was like a swarm of bees, their words stinging. "Just look at how pathetic she is. Did she think Raymond would save her?" The taunts were relentless, each one slicing deeper into my heart."She's such a fool," one sneered. "Looks like she's from an orphanage," another jabbed. "A real-life pig," they mocked. Their words were like daggers, tearing through my spirit.I couldn't bear it any longer. I had to escape this nightmare. But just as I tried to rise, a cold splash hit me. Shocked, I looked up to see a girl, smirking with an empty ice cream cup in her hand.Gathering my strength, I attempted to stand again, only to be pelted with a tomato. The scene turned chaotic as the students, armed with their lunch, started hurling their food at me. I cowered, trying to shield myself from the barrage of food and insults. "Pathetic witch!" "Pig!" "Rag doll!" Their words and actions drowned me in a sea of despair.When the onslaught finally ceased, and the students departed, leaving me alone in my sullied state, Jason extended a helping hand. “I apologize for what they did, Anna ,� He apologized with his head lowered. “I’m such a coward. I couldn’t even confront them for you.� I forced a smile.His apology was heartfelt, but I couldn't blame him. I didn't expect anyone to fight battles I couldn't stand up for myself."It’s fine, Jason. I’m not angry," I assured him, despite the turmoil inside.After cleaning up as best as we could, the lingering stains on my clothes were a stark reminder of the ordeal. Jason suggested we skip the rest of the school day. "You look..." he trailed off, unable to find the right words.A chuckle escaped me despite the circ*mstances. "Yes, some fresh air sounds good."We wandered, eventually finding respite in an ice cream shop, indulging in our favorite flavors and light-hearted gossip. The park was our next stop, where we played like carefree children, a brief but sweet escape from my troubles. For those fleeting moments, I imagined a life free from the suffocating grip of the Triplets, a life filled with laughter and freedom.Perched atop our favorite tree, a place that felt like a sanctuary, Jason broke the peaceful silence. "Anna, what are your plans for prom?""Prom?" The word felt alien to me. "I'm not going," I sighed, my fingers nervously playing with one another.His eyes widened in disbelief. "Why not?"The answer was simple yet heavy with unspoken pain. "I'm not interested in prom, Jason. I'll just stay at home that day." The thought of attending such an event, under the scrutiny of those who tormented me, was unbearable. My heart longed for a different reality, one where prom was a night of dreams, not nightmares.Jason's words were filled with earnestness. "Come on, Anna. You have to try to go to prom. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing. You might never get the chance again." He sighed, his voice carrying a hint of hope.Turning to face him, my fingers still nervously entwined, I hesitated before asking, "Will you go to prom with me then?"His response was delayed, a heavy silence hanging in the air before he gently shook his head. "Sorry, Anna, but I already have a date for prom. It’s a girl I’m interested in, and I don’t want to ruin my chances with her." His apology was sincere, but it stung nonetheless."I understand," I murmured, my gaze drifting to the starlit sky, feeling a twinge of loneliness. "That means I won’t be going to prom. Who would want to take a loser like me as their date?"Jason hurried to reassure me. "Don’t say that, Anna. You shouldn’t miss prom. You can come with me and my date as a third wheel."I shook my head softly, a sad smile on my lips. "Thanks, Jason, but no. Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine." His sigh was heavy, filled with concern.We sat there, under the night sky, the stars twinkling above like distant dreams. I wished, just for a moment, to be one of those stars, free from the pain and turmoil of my earthly life. But reality is often cruel.Eventually, we climbed down from our tree and began the walk home. Jason accompanied me halfway before we parted ways. I clutched my bag tightly, lost in thought.Arriving home, I was greeted not with warmth but a stinging slap from Fiona. "Where the hell have you been?" she demanded, her eyes burning with anger.Rubbing my cheek, I remained silent, not daring to provoke her further."I’m talking to you, b***h! Answer me!" She was relentless."I..." My voice trailed off, unable to find the words.Her anger escalated. "So, you've suddenly gone dumb? How dare you come home late and neglect your chores?" Her accusations were like a whirlwind, overwhelming and fierce."I’m sorry," I whispered, hoping for reprieve, but it only enraged her more.She grabbed my hair, forcing me to my knees. "Next time, apologize on your f*****g knees. Understood?" The pain was intense, a physical manifestation of her cruelty."Yes," I breathed out, and she finally released me."Stand up," she commanded, and I complied, my head bowed.Fiona fell into a thoughtful silence, a calculating look in her eyes. I braced myself, wondering what new torment she was concocting.Breaking her silence with a smirk, she asked, "Pig, are you going to the prom?"Her question was unexpected, and my mind raced with potential traps. "No," I replied cautiously."Perfect," she said with a clap, her satisfaction evident as she ascended the stairs.I watched her leave, a sense of foreboding washing over me. What was she planning? The uncertainty was as unsettling as her usual torments.

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Chapter 3

Waking up in the gloom of my basem*nt room, a pounding headache greeted me, throbbing in unison with my racing heart. Frantically, I fumbled for pain relievers in my locker, gulping them down with water from the glass on my nightstand. The musty smell of the basem*nt, my unwelcome sanctuary, filled my nostrils as I sighed heavily.With the pain ebbing slightly, I glanced at the clock and gasped. It was 6:35 am - I was terribly late for my morning chores. Fear gripped me, tears welling up as I imagined the harsh consequences Fiona and the boys would undoubtedly unleash upon me. I rushed to the door, bracing myself for the worst, only to find myself standing before them.My heart sank. I was in deep trouble.Dropping to my knees, I pleaded, "I'm sorry. I overslept and woke up with a throbbing headache. That's why I'm late, please forgive me." My hands clasped in desperation.Their silence was unnerving. Looking up, I was met with an expression I couldn't decipher. It wasn't their usual cold, angry glare. Instead, I saw something that resembled... concern? No, that couldn't be right.Derek approached, and I braced myself for the inevitable blow. But instead of pain, I felt his hands gently lift me to my feet.Confusion swirled in my head. "I’m sorry," I murmured, my head bowed.Duane's voice, unexpectedly soft, broke the silence. "You don’t need to be sorry, darling. It’s our fault you overslept." The term of endearment from his lips felt surreal. I pinched myself, half-expecting to wake from a dream, but the sharp pain confirmed this bizarre reality.Derek's apology followed, further muddying my understanding of the situation. "We’ve been really terrible to you lately, and we apologize."I was dumbfounded. "I don’t understand what’s going on here," I admitted, feeling like I'd stepped into an alternate universe.My gaze shifted to Raymond, whose smile - complete with a deep dimple - transformed his face, highlighting his stunning features. The most handsome and dangerous of the three, smiling at me? It was disconcerting.Duane continued, his voice gentle, "Anna, we’re sorry. We just realized how wrong we've been, treating you like a slave and bullying you." He brushed a stray hair behind my ear, a gesture so alien yet tender.Derek nudged me. "Don’t be quiet, dear. Say something."Words escaped me. "I... I don’t know what to say." Their sudden change in demeanor was overwhelming, leaving me with a whirlwind of emotions and questions."We know you’re shocked, Anna. We’ll give you time to digest everything, but just know that we apologize for everything we did to you," Duane said, patting my head with an unfamiliar kindness.Derek chimed in, "Yes, we are sorry. And you won’t be working in the kitchen anymore. The maids can handle that. You need time to rest and focus on your studies. Just go to your room, take your bath, wear something nice and meet us outside, okay?"Their smiles seemed genuine, but I was still reeling, unable to fully comprehend this sudden shift in their behavior. What could have possibly caused such a change?"Okay?" I echoed, my voice tinged with disbelief at their sudden change of heart.“See you soon,� they said, smiling and waving as they departed. Duane even threw a playful wink my way, his charisma on full display.Retreating to my room, I closed the door with a shaky hand, pressing my palm against my racing heart. Why this sudden kindness? Where were the cruel taunts and jibes that had become my daily torment? My mind raced with questions as I quickly undressed and stepped into the shower, trying to wash away my confusion along with the dirt.Dressed in one of my few simple outfits, I hesitantly grabbed my bag and stepped outside. Part of me braced for their usual morning torment, but instead, I found them waiting alongside a sulking Fiona.“You look cute this morning,� Derek remarked, and to my surprise, I felt a blush warm my cheeks.“Come on in. We’ve been waiting for you,� Raymond said, gesturing towards the car.“In the car?� I asked, my eyes wide with astonishment.They nodded, and I hesitated before joining them, Fiona's protest silenced by a glare from the boys. Inside the car, Duane and Derek flanked me, engaging me in conversation, their hands gently holding mine. The entire ride to school felt surreal, as if the moon goddess herself had intervened.Arriving at school, they escorted me inside, holding my hand. The hallway fell silent, eyes wide with shock – mine included. They stuck by my side like protective shadows, warding off any would-be bullies with their mere presence. It was a drastic change; the fear they usually inspired was now a shield for me.Days passed, and their kindness persisted, cementing the reality of their transformation. Fiona's jealousy was evident, but the brothers kept her at bay, ensuring my newfound peace remained unbroken. Life suddenly held a glimmer of hope, a ray of light in what had been relentless darkness.I found myself growing comfortable around them, their charm melting away my defenses, and their affection enveloping me in warmth. After school one day, they took me to a restaurant where we shared food, laughter, and conversations that sparkled with genuine interest.“Anna, there’s something we would like to ask you,� Derek began, prompting me to set down my fork and give them my full attention.“What’s that?� I inquired, my heart fluttering with anticipation.Duane’s voice was earnest. “We understand this is sudden, but it’s you we want. We can’t imagine anyone else.�“Me? I don’t understand,� I replied, my confusion evident.Raymond’s question cut through the air, clear and direct. “Will you be our date to prom?� I gasped, utterly taken aback by their proposal. The very idea was unthinkable just days ago, yet here they were, extending an invitation that felt like a fairytale turning into reality.

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Rejecting Her Triplet Alpha Bullies Mates (2024)
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