Triplet Alphas Gifted Luna novel read online free Chapter 81 (2024)

Chapter 81

Back at New Dawn, everyone went with the last group to the dining hall to eat.

Arella, Cassandra, and Ophelia latched onto Thea as they got out of the SUV.

The triplets were surprised, but they understood they were little kids, and Thea had just saved them.

They could forego holding onto Thea themselves for a moment.

They went to help the injured.

“Hey,” Thea said as they walked to the pack house.

"Do you have any family here?” The girls shook their heads.

“Do you know anyone from the pack? Were you from Crescent Moon?” Thea said.

“We weren't allowed to leave the Alpha's chambers,” Cassandra said.

"No family. No friends. Just us.” “That's why the others don’t know you?” Thea said.

They nodded.

“How did you hear about this? How did you know to come?” Thea said.

“We saw it in our dreams,” Cassandra and Arella said in unison.

"Dreams?" Thea said.

“You were in them,” Cassandra said.

“We saw people running through the woods," Arella said.

“A white wolf with three mates came and saved us.

We knew we had to sneak out tonight.” Thea’s eyes went wide.

“No one told you?" "No.

Just the dreams" Arella said.

“Do you have dreams like that often?” The girls nodded.

“You see things in your dreams, and then they happen?” Thea said.

They nodded.

“Is that why the Alpha kept you in his chambers?” Thea said.

“Not the only reason,” Ophelia said.

Thea's blood boiled.

She understood that the Alpha of Crescent Moon had abused these girls in addition to using them for whatever powers they had.

“I won't let anyone hurt you ever again,” Thea said.

"We know,” Arella, Cassandra, and Ophelia said in unison.

Their grips on her tightened, and they unconsciously pulled their bodies closer to hers.

“You're the only one who can protect us,” Cassandra said.

Mirai me Lees Lum Colle Re a or ee They nodded.

"We've been waiting and planning a long time,” Cassandra said.

“We had to hide what we saw from Alpha Jett,” Ophelia said.

“It was hard,” Arella said.

“He watches us all the time.

Even when he's not there, he can hear us.

We had to be very careful to make sure we could escape tonight.” “This was our only chance,” Ophelia said.

"We made it,” Cassandra said.

“We made it,” Ophelia and Arella echoed.

“You made it,” Thea said.

“You were very brave and very smart.

I'm so glad you got out.

I'm glad you're here.

You outsmarted the Alpha and saved yourselves.

I’m so proud of you.” The girs beamed at Thea.

Their eyes sparkled through their tangled hair and dirty faces.

They reached the dining hall, and Thea set up the girls at a table.

Servers brought out fresh, hot meals for everyone.

‘Thea waved over the pack doctor.

“Will you see to their wounds?” "Yes, Luna,” Dr.

Boman said.

They don't have a lot of warriors.

There isn’t much they could do by themselves." “If they get other packs on their sides, they could mount an offense,” Conri said.

“I think we need to prepare for every possible scenario,” Thea said in mind link.

“Not to alarm anyone, but I think we may have taken some gifted kids from that last pack.

Crescent Moon’s Alpha is going to want them back.” “What do you mean gifted?" Alaric said in mind link.

“Those three girls I brought back were completely isolated from the rest of the pack— locked in the Alpha’s chambers.

No one told them about escaping. They had 4 dream about tonight. That’s why they escaped. They said they often have dreams that come true. I don’t know much else yet.”

“They could be gifted, or maybe they're oracles,” Conri said in mind link.

“They could have witch bloodlines,” Kai said in mind link.

“I don’t know,” Thea said in mind link.

“Whatever they are, I think they can see the future.

I'll try to see what I can sense from them tomorrow.” “That does change things,” Liam said in mind link.

“If they were just regular slaves and omegas, their old packs may not think it worth it to attack us.

Three missing oracles is a reason to go to war.” The group was silent for a moment.

“Nothing is likely to happen tonight,” Alaric said.

“Let’s sleep on this. We can come back refreshed tomorrow. Then we can bring thoughts, concems, ideas. Go over how the packs are likely to retaliate and what we can mitigate. See if we need to make changes to how we patrol. Explore every angle.” "Yes, Alpha. We'll have ideas by tomorrow,” Liam said.

“Thank you all,” Thea added.

“You were brilliant.” Thea, the triplets, Lizzy, and Alessia showed this last group their quarters, the showers, the clothes room.Thea showed the three girls the routine. They showered quickly, and Thea helped them pick out some clothes. Then she took them to a room with a triple bunkbed.

“This will be your room,” Thea said.

“Are you going to lock us in?” Cassandra said.

“No,” Thea said.

“The only lock is on the inside. Only you can lock it. You aren't prisoners or slaves here. You're free to go wherever you want. Well, you shouldn't go into other people’s rooms unless they invite you. Just like no one should come into your room unless you invite them.” Thea brushed their wet hair as they settled into their new room.

Now that it was clean, Thea could see they all had brown hair to match their brown eyes.

“Time to sleep,” Thea said.

“I'll see you tomorrow.” “Goodnight, Luna,” they said.

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