Word Finder for Scrabble and Words With Friends (2024)

You get a wheel of letters and have to find words using them. The Wordscapes Answers could be different word lengths. The Wordscapes cheat gives you all the words using those letters in no time, so you just have to plug in the results to rack up high scores. Should you want to play without the Wordscapes cheat, have at it, folks!

What is Wordscapes, Everything You Need to Know

Just when you thought the fun was over, Wordscapes hits the scene. Wordscapes is a crossword puzzle game, well, sort of, let’s just call it a word puzzle game for now. It was created by PeopleFun, who were made famous by Word Chums and Adventure Smash. The makers designed this crossword puzzle without clues! You can play Wordscapes on your Android or iOS devices all hours of the day. The exciting feature of this game is that it’s not only a crossword puzzle but also includes. Sounds like the day just got a little more exciting, no?


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How do I play Wordscapes?

Don’t fret, it’s actually quite simple, well, sort of. You’ll receive a wheel of letters, and the challenge begins by extracting words from those letters. Once you start picking up on the words you can build with the letters provided, you then submit the words to the Crossword-Puzzle-like grid, and that’s only the beginning.

You then earn what's calledPower-Ups, which are hints that come in four categories. You can earn theBullseyehint, which gives you the option to reveal a letter in any blank space of your choosing. There is theLightbulbhint which will reveal an entire word,Rocket Pops,which will reveal a collection of letters at random (with a fantastic show to boot!) And finally theSpelling Beewhich will both unveil letters and drop some coins over the most challenging words in your game.


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  • Codycross

How to find all Wordscapes Answers

Did you know there are 12000 levels to this game? And it is still expanding. The first 12 levels are categorized under Sunrise. So for example, let’s jump to the Forest level, Fog 6, and you have the letters O, N, G, W, N, I rolling around the wheel, and you’re staring and staring but can’t unscramble all the words from the 5 letters words level. All you have to do is enter the 5 letters, and all the combinations will appear like magic. In this case, Wing, Won, Owing, Gown, Own, Now, Wig, Ion, Win, and Gin!

Then let’s imagine you’re so good at the game you fly through the Canyon, Sky, Tropic and Mountain levels, but then get stuck in the Winter, Flake level 15, with the letters T, L, I, L, F, E and you just can’t seem to plug in all the letters to build all the words for that level. All you would have to do is enter in the letters and we would provide you with all the word combinations available to beat that level and win the game, plus loads of bonus points. Our list would include words like Til, Felt, Life, Lift, Flit, Lite, Till, Fillet, Lilt, and so many more! You can even click on the word for the definition to expand your vocabulary as you play (and cheat).

Even if you haven't made it all the way to say, the Flora, Autumn or Jungle level, but are stuck on the 5-letter words level 108, AKA Canyon, Pass 12, and you’re staring at the letters R, I, K, S, E, H. Simply enter the letters into our search bar in any order and all of the possibilities will appear before your very eyes. In this instance, you would grab at the word, Skier, Sire, Heirs, Shirk, Shire, Hikers, and more! And if you feel bad about Wordscapes cheats, then go ahead and click on the dictionary definition and remind yourself you are learning and educating yourself all the way.

If you’re challenging yourself by playing the Wordscapes Daily Puzzles, you may find it more difficult to find the answers online. No sweat, just enter in the letters you’ve been given in today's puzzle and we’ll provide you with all the possible word combinations so you can keep up your high score on the daily! Don’t forget to look out for our Wordscapes Daily Answers, we got you covered!


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Wordscapes Tips and Tricks

Whether you’re playing Wordscapes to improve your language skills, to pass the time, or simply have some fun on your iOS or Android devices you can certainly use some tips and tricks along the way.

  • Wordscapes cheats are our number one trick that we’re going to give away straightaway. Word.tips is a word finder that allows, no, beckons you to input your letters for your current level, and then supplies you with all of the word options you can build from those letters. This way you can expand your vocabulary with Wordscapes help, add bonus points, retain more words, which you can then quickly input into further levels, with similar letters, without wasting any time.
  • Did you know there is no timer in each level? This means you can plug in as many word combinations as you can think of and earn more coins with each word. So, our second tip here is, go for the bonus words and plug in what you know!
  • The Gifted S tip is our third tip. If you are gifted with two S letters in one level, expect to add an S to the end of every word, because yes, plurals count.
  • Our forth tip is to use the shuffle as often as you feel. There’s no sense in being shy, you can use the shuffle button as many times as you need to trigger new words to complete the level, that’s what it's there for after all!
  • And our last tip, play the Wordscapes daily puzzle to earn stars to maximize points!


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Wordscapes FAQ

Can you remember how many levels there are in Wordscapes?

There are 12.000 levels at this moment and the game is still growing. 6000 levels and other 6000 Master levels.

Can you guess how many puzzles there are in Wordscapes?

Can you guess how many puzzles there are in Wordscapes? As of 2019 there were 76 groups of levels, that range from Timberland, Twilight, Passage, Majesty, Wind, Flourish, all the way to Sublime! Each of these magical levels have their own sublevels and new levels and puzzles are released as we speak.

What do you know about Wordscapes level 124, aka Arch 12?

It has nine vertical answers and six horizontal ones. The letters of this level are M, E, O, U, G, and R.

Some of the horizontal answers include Morgue, Gem, and Mug, while some vertical solutions include Rouge, Rogue, Ogre, Euro, these are some top-notch gift giveaways right here!

Which is the final Wordscapes level?

For the main game the final level group is Sublime, and the last level within sublime is Sails? We have all the confidence that you will make it there one day!

Word Finder for Scrabble and Words With Friends (2024)
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