Grappling Industries Indianapolis (2024)

Grappling Industries INDIANAPOLIS: August 31, 2024

Location: The SportZone 6601 Coffman Rd #2598, Indianapolis, IN 46268

Doors Open @ 7:30am | Event Starts @ 9am

FORMAT and PROTOCOL: Grappling Industries tournaments follow a Round Robin Pool format meaning that all adult competitors get 4 matches for signing up for a division that fills up to 5 competitors. That means if you compete in both Gi and NoGi, you could get 8 plus fights. This allows you to compete against so many different people, giving you the experience you deserve! All Grappling Industries matches follow a points structure but without advantages! We are also very legal submission friendly!




We do not take late registrations or registrations at the event!

Early Bird Registration 1 or 2 Divisions – (Register before August 17 at 11:59pm) $90

Late Registration 1 or 2 Divisions – (Register before August 27 at 11:59pm) $120

Per Absolute Division – $30

Spectators - $15 at the event

COMPETITOR LISTS: Competitor Lists will be LIVE throughout the registration process and can be viewed by checking out the registrations tab on the event page. We encourage everyone to login by the last day of registration and check their details along with the competitor lists, and not wait until the brackets are published and locked in to confirm such details.

CHANGING DIVISIONS: After registration closes, all competitors (or coaches, parents) have until 5PM the following day to make any changes to their registrations. You can make these changes by logging into your account and modifying your registration details. After this change deadline, the registration will become locked in, and there will no further changes allowed. Competitors who are alone in their division should choose to either self-move themselves up a division or cancel their registration for a full credit. If you have trouble changing your division, please check out:

DIVISION MERGERS: After change deadline, competitors who do not have anyone in their division group may be merged with another division. All athletes who remain solo in their divisions once brackets are released means had no default merges available to them, and therefore there are no matches available for that competitor. They will receive a full coupon credit for entry to any future event of ours.

REFUND POLICY: We issue refunds for an event registration until the early bird date. From the early bird date to the change deadline, only full coupon credits will be issued for future events. After change deadline, there will be no refunds or future credits issued. Refunds and Credits can be obtained by logging into your account and cancelling your event registration. Competitors who do not have a bracket or their opponent no shows day of event will receive a full coupon credit. No show credit only applies if you have no matches for the day.

BRACKETS and SCHEDULE: 48 hours prior to the tournament, the event brackets and schedule will be released. You will be able to locate both on the event page brackets and schedule tab. All Grappling Industries tournaments feature an amazing large 55” inch TV displaying the LIVE schedule by match order happening on each mat. We will also make a courtesy call for you on the microphone to come to the mat if you also haven’t already presented yourself for the bracket. Please be at the mat on time for your matches. We ask that you make sure to be present in the venue at least 60 minutes prior your division start time as well in case we are able to get head starts on certain division. You can also tell when your matches are coming up by checking the tab on your mobile device during the competition:

WEIGH-INS: Takes place on the day of the event. You do not have to weigh-in with your gi on. You only need to weigh-in once if competing in several divisions. You must weigh-in anytime from the event opening until 60 minutes before your scheduled division start time. You must have officially weighed in by this hour before your division time and have made the weight, or else you will be disqualified and removed from the bracket.

COACH CHAIR and CROWD CONTROL: We will have 1 chair on each side of every score table, 1 for each coach of the competitor on the mat. The only other people allowed within the barricades during the tournament are the competitors on the mat having their match and the competitors on deck.

MEDALS: Beautiful gold, silver, and bronze medals will be awarded to all podium finishers.

MEDIC ON HAND: There will be a trained and professional medic on sight. We have reached deals with several national companies specialized in event medical services that we can trust with the safety of our competitors whether they need ice, get injured, or need advice on previous injuries.

WARM UP MATS: We try our best to always provide a warm up mat area for our competitors during tournaments. In cases which events reach close to or full capacity, we could be restricted from having the floor space to create a warm up area for our competitors.

TV SCOREBOARDS: Grappling Industries scoreboards are best in the game. Competitor’s name, team, and flag are displayed, along with the match’s division and match number.

BEST OVERALL TEAMS and AWARDS: Team standings, points, and medal counts are live updated to and readily available on the results tab of the event page. Two teams will receive the largest gold medal and ribbon in all of BJJ: The Best Overall Academy for Adults and the Best Overall Academy for Kids & Teens. This medal is perfect for your team pictures and can easily be mounted on your academy wall. We wanted winning teams to have something very special from us and this is something very special that will stand out at your gym as a great memory of the success you had at Grappling Industries.

DIVISION RESULTS: Division brackets along with their final placements are live updated to and readily available on the results tab of the event page.

RANKINGS: We track rankings for both competitors and teams by the Annual Season and by Overall Lifetime. Competitor rankings are categorized by genders, ages, weights, and belt or experience. Team rankings are categorized by team points and medal count. You can find the rankings on our website at

CHARITY OF CHOICE: We Defy Foundation and Grappling Industries have come together in partnership to further help provide therapeutic relief to Disabled Combat Veterans through Jiu-Jitsu. We Defy Foundation is a non-profit foundation that provides scholarships to Disabled Combat Veterans to train Jiu-Jitsu at approved training facilities; and with a long waiting list of those in need of We Defy's assistance, Grappling Industries aims to help this process!

WORK AT THE EVENT: We are always looking for experienced referees, event staff, as well competitors to help setup! We pay competitively, and at longer events also include snacks and meals for day of workers. We trade free registration to compete in exchange for 3 hours maximum of light work during the set-up phase of the event the night before tournaments. To apply, please email us right away with your name, previous experience, and which tournament and date you are referring to at R3JhcHBsaW5nSW5kdXN0cmllcyB8IGdtYWlsICEgY29t

Grappling Industries Indianapolis (2024)


Who is the owner of Grappling Industries? ›

David Aguzzi is one of those rare creatures that has seen his dreams turn into reality.

What is the round robin format for grappling industries? ›

FORMAT and PROTOCOL: Grappling Industries tournaments follow a Round Robin Pool format meaning that all adult competitors get 4 matches for signing up for a division that fills up to 5 competitors. That means if you compete in both Gi and NoGi, you could get 8 plus fights.

How much is the spectator fee at Grappling Industries? ›

What is the spectator fee? The Spectator Fee for Grappling Industries events that charge for entry is: ➡ 15.00 in Australia, Canada, and the USA. ➡ 10.00 in the UK and Europe. This fee must be paid in CASH at the door.

What are the most prestigious grappling competitions? ›

The four Grand Slam tournaments are the World IBJJF Championship, the European IBJJF Championship, Pan IBJJF Championship and the CBJJ Brazilian National Championship. Winning all four tournaments within a single year is widely considered the most prestigious accomplishment in Brazilian jiu-jitsu competition.

How long has grappling been around? ›

Early Beginnings. Although grappling was done all over the world, the first “famous” styles were introduced to the Greek Olympic Games in 704 BC. Grappling had come to the Roman Empire through the Etruscans and had slowly evolved.

Is grappling industries free for brown belts? ›

Registration is NOT free for: BJJ Brown Belts and below. Professional MMA Fighters. Black Belts in other disciplines.

How many rounds are in grappling? ›

ONE Championship Submission Grappling Rules

Bouts consist of one 12-minute round with no break. The matches feature a submission-only format, with athletes winning via tapout, verbal tapout, or referee stoppage due to imminent danger.

What is the grappling tournament? ›

Submission grappling, also known as submission wrestling, submission fighting or simply grappling, is a competitive martial art and combat sport that focuses on ground fighting and submission techniques.

Is there grappling in one championship? ›

Originally focused on mixed martial arts (MMA), ONE has since expanded to regularly hold events featuring muaythai, kickboxing, and submission grappling bouts, while also previously promoting boxing and lethwei matches.

Is there money in jiu jitsu competition? ›

It is an extremely hard sport to earn money from, unless the athlete is in the group of jiu jitsu legends that can demand money to compete in highly prestigious tournaments. There are many different competitions that offer prize money to the winners of their tournaments.

Is grappling good for you? ›

Because you're able to spar with such intensity, you'll always get a tremendous workout on the mats. BJJ works your body in a way that other types of training, like running or weights, can't match. It trains a mix of cardiovascular and muscular endurance. There's nothing like it!

What is better grappling or striking? ›

Grappling is excellent for one-on-one fights, but less effective against multiple attackers. Striking is better suited for multiple attackers, but has limited use on the ground. Ultimately, the best self-defense strategy is to have a well-rounded skill set that includes both grappling and striking techniques.

Who is the founder of Flo grappling? ›

FloSports was founded in 2006 by Martin Floreani, Mark Floreani (collegiate athletes) and Madhu Venkatesan based in Austin, Texas.

What does walkover mean in BJJ? ›

Walkover is a way of winning and is included in IBJJF rules to bring ease to BJJ competitions. It is decided that when your opponent is injured, overweight, or not in the condition to fight with you, then you will be announced as the winner by walkover.

Is there grappling in BJJ? ›

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a highly effective grappling martial art originating from Brazil. It focuses on ground fighting and submission holds. You'll often find BJJ practitioners wearing a gi, a traditional uniform that aids in control and techniques.

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