Major Red Flag in Joe Rogan Backed Carnivore Diet Exposed by PhD Exercise Scientist Mike Israetel (2024)

Joe Rogan is always setting a good example of staying healthy and fit, especially since he was also a martial artist before he became the UFC color commentator. Even at the age of 56, he boasts an amazing physique and health, along with massive fame. Although he was never a professional martial artist, he still took part in competitions when he was younger and learned about the advantages of working out and eating healthy at an early age. Keeping a healthy diet is crucial for a martial artist and even though some fighters like Nate Diaz choose to go vegan, the comedian and podcaster stood out by taking the full carnivore diet.

Many people in the bodybuilding industry also take the Carnivore diet, but not so much in the MMA world. The long-time UFC commentator caught the eye of PhD exercise scientist Dr Mike Israetel with this special diet. Known for his bold takes on people’s exercise and lifestyle, Mike Israetel gave his opinion on the podcaster’s choice of the Carnivore diet.

Mike Israetel Revealed the drawbacks of Joe Rogan’s carnivore diet


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Rogan’s workouts were a range of Bullseye hits and misses for the exercise scientist. He elaborated on each exercise in great detail. He further went on to talk about the carnivore diet in his YouTube video. Rogan went through several nutritional plans before selecting and settling on a carnivore diet, which consists of animal products distributed across the day. The UFC commentatoralso avoids sugar as much as he can and has also let go of his favorite food, such as pasta.

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Even though the color commentator is an advocate of the carnivore diet, Dr. Israetel was not completely in for this regime. He mentioned how the human body has a specific requirement for carbohydrates so that there is enough energy. The exercise scientist is a bodybuilder and, in the bodybuilding industry, people do use a carnivore diet. However, he claimed that in an industry with combat sports, people would need more energy.

Mike Israetel mentioned, “The good thing is a carnivore diet can keep your energy levels relatively stable. The bad thing is the carnivore diet; how do I put this? Carbohydrates are the undisputed forever king of performance and nutrition. You want to perform your best in grappling, in lifting, in running.”

Major Red Flag in Joe Rogan Backed Carnivore Diet Exposed by PhD Exercise Scientist Mike Israetel (1)

He further claimed, “Doing whatever it is you do that takes a lot of high-intensity effort and focus and a huge physical demand, there is no replacing carbs. To conclude, he also said that carbohydrates are the king of nutrients and even though a carnivore diet would give a steady stream of energy it won’t be the highest level of energy that a person was capable of.

This means that a person’s potential for energy was being held back by a carnivore diet and the PhD scientist in sports physiology was against this kind of diet. Meanwhile, Joe Rogan has stuck to his diet for a long time, even though he sometimes falls weak for processed food.


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Joe Rogan talked about his love for processed food

Most of his fans might already know that the famed UFC commentator loves to eat pasta. Despite being a huge fan of Italian cuisine, the former comedian and color commentator said that the general population in America consumes too much sugar and processed food, which includes his beloved pasta. He also mentioned how his carnivore diet was way better than having processed food daily.

Rogan said in one of his JRE episodes last year,The interesting thing about the carnivore diet is you can’t overeat.He also revealed that the portion of food he eats has decreased, but he still feels full after eating a meal. Rogan mentioned that he gets full after a 16-ounce steak or an 18-ounce steak. However, sometimes the fitness lover gives himself a break and if the stake was sitting next to a bowl of pasta, he would probably eat the pasta as well.


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He loves pasta so much that he was even ready to eat it after he felt full. Rogan reckoned that after a carnivore diet, it was hard to resist the flavourful processed food. He also owns Onnit, which is a health supplement brand, and said that eating healthy is very important. His discipline shows in his fit and healthy physique even at 56, even though the carnivore diet is not completely approved by Dr Mike Israetel.

Do you think Rogan should listen to the exercise scientist and revamp his diet accordingly? Let us know in the comments below.

Major Red Flag in Joe Rogan Backed Carnivore Diet Exposed by PhD Exercise Scientist Mike Israetel (2024)
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